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  • Wireless links in different parts of the country.
  • Connection between offices and branches.
  • Connection from point to point or multiple point bandwidths.
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Quality of service
  • Highly secure links

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  • High-bandwidth capacity
  • ATM network via microwave
  • Options at different frequencies
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Quality of service
  • Highly secure links
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  • Exchange of billing data
  • Monitoring the network from different points
  • Monitoring of branches through video cameras
  • Data exchange of reservations
  • Remote network configuration
  • Connection of the customer's entire network
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    System Disk2


    Raw Infrastructure

    Managed Infrastructure

    General1-1 1GB 1 20GB SSD 200Mb/s $0.4430 $0.1040
    General1-2 2GB 2 40GB SSD 400Mb/s $0.7700 $0.1810
    General1-4 1GB 4 80GB SSD 800Mb/s $1.3390 $0.3150
    General1-8 1GB 8 160GB SSD 1600Mb/s $2.3290 $0.5470
    • Disk I/O is shared across the host.
    1. The number of virtual CPUs assigned to your Cloud Server. A vCPU corresponds to a physical CPU thread.
    2. The amount of disk space allocated to your Cloud Server's operating system. System disks are RAID 10-protected and are captured when you image a server.
    3. The amount of aggregate outbound bandwidth across all attached network interfaces (PublicNet, ServiceNet, Cloud Networks). The maximum amount of outbound public Internet bandwidth is limited to 50% of the aggregate limit. Inbound traffic is not limited. Host networking is redundant and bandwidth is delivered over two separate bonded interfaces, each able to carry 50% of the aggregate limit. We recommend using multiple Layer 4 connections to maximize throughput.

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