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Wirelessly connect Costa Rica by way of continuous technological innovation, the best human resources and excellent customer service.
Be the main provider of wireless broadband internet and network solutions for Costa Rican businesses.

In order to fulfil our mission we have established the following commitments:

To our Customers:
Thank you very much for your patronage. You are a part of our company and we are committed to serve you and meet your needs. We strive to provide cost-effective, innovative, reliable service of the highest quality possible and with this we hope to establish a relationship of trust and confidence.

To our Employees:
Our employees are the most valuable resource of our company and it is through collaboration that we have become what we are today. We ask of you a proactive and future-oriented work ethic, while we strive to create a workplace that is open, friendly, exciting and diplomatic. Our commitment is to provide fair compensation and opportunity for personal growth and development, limited only by your ability, desire and corporate opportunity. You will always be treated as equals and members of our team since the job title only refers to the job responsibility and not the importance of each and every individual.

To our Distributors:
Como parte vital de nuestros recursos, su trabajo es muy importante para nosotros.Our distruOur distributors are a vital part of how our products reach the market, and are very important to us. Procuramos siempre brindarles el mejor apoyo y prestar atenciĆ³n a sus ideas para darle servicio a sus necesidades ya las necesidades de sus clientes de forma oportuna. We strive to always provide the best support and attention to service their needs and the needs of their customers in a timely manner.

To our Suppliers:
We look forward to strengthening our mutual trust and loyalty and our company has come to depend on the best quality, delivery, service and competitive prices. You are our business partners and will always be an extension of our company and we take full account of this relationship.

To our Competition:
We respect our fellow companies since they too share our vision of the market and help to validate our services. We compete professionally and ethically, in order to establish open standards for users of our products and services.

To the Community:
Our goal is to be a responsible corporate citizen. This includes respect for the environment and support to civic education and business activities. Our greatest contribution is to be successful, so that we can maintain and create jobs. Our commitment to you is true. Please contact us to identify how we can help you with your needs.

Telecom Logistics is a registered trademark used for promoting the services.